Welcome on the site of Laura Chabert!   
   We invite you to discover the singer and to listen to her. Who is Laura Chabert? The Parisian girl begins its career at 15 in a fine studio of Montmartre, with the popular Zouc-producer Philippe Pauvreze (author-composer-interpret).
At the program: studio and TV productions in the field of Dance music and Zouc-machine.
Attracted by Germany, and more precisely by a musician from Munich (!!!) having discovered her beautiful voice in a piano-bar in Paris, Laura finally moved to Munich in 1994.
The attractive singer introduced herself quickly and successfully into the Munich scene with popular artists like Wally Warning, Hebster Brothers (Soul Music) or Hugo Strasser (Evergreens).

Since 1999, Laura Chabert has been working on a new project called "Le Duo", together with the cabaret performer Tom Gratza coming from Ausburg. Le Duo interprets the most beautiful French songs, ranging from Barbara or Edith Piaf to modern interprets like Patricia Kaas or Paulin Ester, the program being also spiced with own compositions.
If you need a French band for one special event, you are expected to have with Le Duo and its varied song repertory an unforgettable diverting evening.